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Manogyna Marthi

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  • 👁 481
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The story starts with the description, hero is a very intelligent and outstanding student of the university. He hails from a very poor family and falls in love with a rich girl. The girl uses him to pass out her course and deletes him from her life with humiliation because of his poverty. Not only this her father subjects him to an accident to eliminate him from her life permanently. But as fate has it, the hero is saved by a billionaire who also makes him the legal heir of all his properties. Over night the hero becomes the richest man and CEO of his adopted father's company. During one of his business meetings as a chief guest for a painting competition, he meets the heroin who is a painter and deaf  and dumb girl. As time proceeds the hero realizes he is falling in love with her. He is smitten by her beauty, innocence and simplicity. Taking the permission of her parents, he marries her and his first love comes back. (The girl who dumped him because of his poverty) She tries to plead her innocence but the hero is not ready to fall for her bait once again foolishly. Thus the vamp gets him to an accident. How his deaf and dumb wife manages to get him back his memory, not only manages his business successfully in spite of her handicap but also becomes a super mother is the next part of the story. This book stresses on female empowerment and women fiction. Its the story of a deaf and dumb girl and a billionaire. Due to circumstances the hero of this story forgets his past and how this deaf and dumb girl wins over her challenges in life is the main part of this story. This is book on female empowerment and women fiction. The girl in spite of her handicap not only manages her husband's vast business but excels in it by expanding their company to other parts of the world. She helps in healing her husband and also takes care of their child.


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