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M.O. Kenyan

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About me

I just love to create stories. I am an author. Creating alternate realities helps me escape. My imagination is my Fortress of Solitude, the place where I discover new things about myself, pretend that I understand what falling in love is and coming closer to discovering the true meaning of love. I leave a piece of me in every story I write, but don't try to figure me out.


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They said that he was immortal and invincible, but he had lived long enough to know that wasn't true. His body was indestructible but his heart wasn't. He was the first of his kind, half vampire, half beast, created by a woman who lusted after his body and demanded his heart. Stephan thought he had experienced it all—until he witnessed the brutal demise of the woman he cherished. Seething with despair, he realized his immortality had become a curse, a relentless reminder of his vulnerability. But fate has a twist in store for Stephan as love reenters his life, this time in the form of a human girl. Haunted by the past, Stephan battles his instincts, striving to shield the woman he adores from the same tragic fate. With every beat of his heart, he flirts with danger, willing to defy all odds for a chance at happiness. Will Stephan summon the unwavering strength needed to fight for his love, even if it means confronting the shadows of his own existence? Meanwhile, Scarlet had a clear vision for her future—studies, dedication, and achieving her dream of becoming a doctor. Made a solemn vow at her parents' graves, she upheld her promise, leading an unremarkable life in San Francisco. That is, until a captivating stranger waltzes into the diner where she works, forever altering the trajectory of her world. Scarlet was an orphan with only her best friend Kayla to call family. She had goals and plans, everything that her parents wanted for her, swearing to honour the dreams they had for her before they died. She was putting herself through college and Medical school was her next step. She had been accepted by a prestigious teaching hospital, and preparing herself for the move. What she didn't count on was Stephan coming into her life. As love blossoms between Scarlet and Stephan, their connection soon turns perilous. Vampires breach the sanctuary of her mundane existence, forcing her to confront an agonizing dilemma—fulfill her commitment to her deceased parents or embrace the irresistible allure of Stephan. With her life hanging by a thread, Scarlet must make a decision that could shatter her heart and jeopardize everything she holds dear. Yet, fate has another surprise in store for the star-crossed couple—a twist that puts everything at stake. As Scarlet grapples with her past promises, she discovers the undeniable bond that exists within her, the protector instinct of a mother. With a baby on the way, Scarlet finds herself entangled in a web of danger and devotion, where her choices will shape not just her fate, but the lives of those she loves. In a world where love is both a sanctuary and a battlefield, "Curse of the Moon" is a gripping tale of sacrifice, paranormal romance, and the unbreakable will to protect those we hold dear. Will Stephan and Scarlet defy the odds against them and forge a future together, or will the curse of the moon tear them apart?


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