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M.L. Jacobs

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  • 👁 983
  • 7.5

Ann made her way into the school building, eager for its warmth, hardly noticing the beautiful aurora lights that painted Barrow Alaska’s sky that not so dark morning because of the Northern Lights. She saw her best friend Jessica leaning against her locker. People nicked named them ‘twinsies’ because they looked so similar. The biggest difference between them was that Jessica had dark brown eyes, almost black, with long brown hair that reached her hips, and Ann’s hair reached mid-back. “Hello stranger,” Jessica embraced Ann. “Tell me everything! Did you hook up with that hot guy from the club?” she asked curiously. “What guy?! I don’t remember anything,” Ann said worriedly, her hazel brown eyes looking more on the green side as the hallway light reflected on them. “That guy!” Jessica exclaimed, shocked to see the guy from the club. He looked up at them, his mysterious gold-silver eyes catching Ann’s. A smile crept up his face, and he gave her a wink. Ann blushed and looked away. They noticed that their math and Science Teacher had turned into a young male instead of their usual teacher. He was yet to face the class as he was busy writing his name and surname on the whiteboard. “Good morning students, I am Mr. Dario Carden and I will be your Math and Science substitute teacher while Miss Erin Wangberg recovers,” Dario introduced himself after turning around to face the class. He caught a hint of blood smell in the air, and it led him to Ann. “Is this the Senior class?” a pretty teenage girl popped her head into the class, bright blue eyes, a pearly white smile, and a dashing mob of blond hair. Dario rolled his eyes. “Yes, Shysie, you guys are late,” he said, annoyed. Dario hoped that the group of Vampires that are in hiding with him would have kept a low profile and behave themselves until the air was cleared with the Higher Council. A group of 3 students stumbled into the classroom laughing. Ann’s eyes met one, and she started to get a glimpse of flashbacks. She shifted uncomfortably under his eyes, blushing a bit, not sure about the images in her head. She forced her eyes down onto her table. Paris smiled slightly as he knew that Ann was getting flashbacks of a heated session. Even though they did not go all the way, he saw her life when he was drinking her blood from her inner thigh. That night was the wildest she has ever been with a guy. When he drove her home Saturday morning, he compelled her to forget everything and sleep the weekend off. He compelled her to only remember everything when she was near him. Ann Willow and her best friend wake up one day to find their worlds turned upside down when three new students and a teacher enter their class. How will these new rivals affect their last year of school?


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