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About me

The most important thing about writing is communication with readers. I hope my works can touch the hearts of readers, provoke their thoughts and resonate with them. I believe that only by sincerely facing one's own inner world can one write authentic and powerful works. In the future, I will continue to challenge myself and create more works with depth and connotation. I hope to establish a spiritual connection with readers through my words and explore the complexity and beauty of human nature together. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to meeting you in the world of words.


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  • 👁 44
  • 7.5

In the picturesque British town of Shaka St. Mary, sunlight filters through the clouds and spills onto the ancient cobblestone roads, reflecting a captivating golden glow. However, this serene town is about to face an unexpected storm. One day, a remarkably handsome face suddenly appears in the town - that of Leslie Syl. His arrival is like a stone thrown into a lake, disrupting the town's original tranquility. Syl is enigmatic, elegant, but always carries an elusive sense of detachment. His presence intrigues and unnerves the townspeople, each wondering about his origins and intentions. As time passes, Syl's existence gradually permeates every corner of the town. His interactions with the residents change their lives, either deeply or subtly. Some find new love because of him, some rediscover old dreams, and others are left deeply confused. Just when everyone thinks Syl will become a permanent part of the town, he suddenly disappears. The news spreads like wildfire through the town, causing a great commotion. The residents buzz with speculation and rumors. Even the experienced Detective Grant is left baffled by the case. He leads his team in extensive investigations but seems to miss the truth at every turn. This disappearance not only challenges Detective Grant's wisdom but also affects every townsperson's heart. They begin to reexamine their lives and values, wondering what this mysterious man has brought them. As the investigation deepens, secrets hidden deep within the town gradually surface...


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