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Love Venom

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Waiting to Exhale
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Klea Dexter is a 24 years old lady, who was made to get married to her childhood friend; Aiden Barrett who she hasn't met in years. About eight months into her marriage, she discovered that her husband was a misogynist and had forced her to stop working. She was tired of the marriage and wanted a divorce but her parents kept advising her not to end the marriage. Her love life was dead, her career was a mess, her sex life was also not it and everything seemed useless to her. She complained to her best friend; Ivy Kyson, who was a year older than her and single. Ivy had divorced her husband because she couldn't find peace in her marriage and she wanted to be free and do better in her sex life and career. She cared less about what her parents had to say about her life. Klea is always confined to her best friend and doesn't mind telling her anything even if it had to do with her bedroom, she could explain everything in detail. Klea told her best friend about how she needed to work and have a fantastic sex life, her friend would always try to calm her down and took her to the club hoping to clear Klea's head. At the club, she overheard girls talking about having a good with benefits and she was so down to get one. Will she get herself a friend with benefits? Would she consider it infidelity?


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