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I enjoy writing and reading werewolf and billionaire romance. The best heartdropping and cringe worthy of them, like how someone richer than Elon Musk falls in love with an average girl just like me😌Oh such bliss, to enter into such fantasies😍😩 I write werewolf and billionaire romance and I hope my story takes you on a journey that fulfills your innermost desires🙃😊


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  • 👁 3
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“Please, believe me. The child is yours.” I pleaded, my voice dropping low from desperation. “How can I believe a woman like you?” He questioned. “You are so cheap, for God’s sake you married me for money. You married an impotent man for money and you’re telling me you’re pregnant for me? Make it make sense for Gods sake, at least if you’re going to lie, make it make sense.” “I’m not lying Dominic, I would never lie to you. I care about you.” I begged, my voice trembling from desperation as I reached out and held his arm but he flinched away, retracting from me. “I don’t know what this is about Ruby. Probably some plan to tie me down to marry you again but trust me, that would never happen. That kid is not mine! You and I know that I’m incapable of having a child. Just share your sells and leave my company. This plan, whatever you’re planning to get from this lie will not work out.” He said and walked out, leaving me inside. The whole room blurred as the walls closed in on me. I crumbled onto the ground, feeling the immense pain of his rejection and distrust. Ruby’s whole life crumbled down when she gets pregnant for her contract husband who is supposed to be impotent. She tries to prove her innocence to the billionaire but he wouldn’t belief her. In the most disgraceful manner, he sends her off. What’s worse, this man wasn’t just the father of her baby but also the father of the two year old daughter she had gotten through artificial insemination. Two months later, Ruby shows up to her ex husband’s company where she’s announced as one of the major shareholders. She is forced to face her ex husband and his insults all over again, however this time she was going back stronger and mightier than before. Having inherited her stepfather’s wealth, Ruby returned as a billionaire and swore that Dominic- her ex husband will not come near her child. But everything is different when she returns, she finds Dominic regretful and remorseful- and not just that, she’s now wanted by another man- a hot billionaire who is the talk of the town. Will she forgive him and focus on her Dominic, the father of her two children or will she explore the new love coming towards her?


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