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Intertwined Feelings
  • Author: Lizabeth
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 11
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There is an abuse, physically, with mind exploitation by Zach, Calah's boyfriend, later to be ex, a 26 year old who feeds off Calah and cheats on her. She continues making excuses for him and loves him regardless, until she almost does at his hand, leading her to her masseur, who's ready to love her with her scars and not just what she brings to the table. She goes through different hurdles with him in her own life as a CEO, without being aware of his fear. At some point, she's supposed to have a marriage to inherit a property, and gets too ahead of herself in the scheming. Philips, her Therapist finds a way to push her off so he won't have to comit, leaving her feelings hanging But in the end, Would Calah ever find someone who loves her and isn't scared to be loved?


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