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Bella Aryani is an elegant woman who is very good at cooking. He is his mother-in-law's favorite. This woman who always wears a rectangular headscarf is very cute with thin lips and a sharp chin. Her white face and clean hands made Bella warm the hearts of everyone who saw her. But none of that mattered to a tall man with sleek black hair and a stern face. Bara Mahesa, a husband who is very good at hiding secrets in front of his mother. Day after day this gentle woman passes with gratitude. Because she used to be a beautiful celebgram with long hair without wearing a hijab. After he emigrated now he can spend more useful time. Like doing study activities. Bella always tries to cook her husband's favorite menu. Even though she knew that her husband was uncomfortable with her emigration. Bara sometimes grumbles when he is awakened to fulfill the obligation to pray. Bella's hard days run. He tried to stay in his position to keep doing obedience to his Lord. Just stay silent. He was angry with Bella, who he thought was a pious person. Now the peak of his anger he took out with an affair. Bara often has an affair with a beautiful colleague from his office. The woman's name was Arumsari. Arum is a village woman who has only been working for one year in Jakarta. Arum's innocence makes it easier for Bara to seduce Arum, the young widow. The two of them were drunk in love until Bella finally found Arum's underwear in her bedroom drawer. At that time Bella was really angry. Because he did not think that Bara would cheat on him. The woman who is not too tall is so fed up with Bara that she finally wants to separate from her husband. Bella felt very hurt. She tried desperately to be a pious wife, but Bara's betrayal made her fall. Bella continues to avoid coals by trying to run away from home and head to her small house with her parents. But his efforts always fail. Bara continues to make Bella maintain her household for the sake of Bara's parents. Bella's affection for her mother-in-law overcame her selfishness. Finally he tried to stay standing even though it was as if his heart wound was being stabbed by sharp thorns. When Bella secretly wants to tell the truth about her husband's rottenness to her mother-in-law. Suddenly his mother-in-law had a stroke. The disease made Mamah unable to move her legs. All activities are assisted by Bella alone. Bella spends the day full of pain. When he was looking after his mother-in-law. The husband also did not come home until late at night. She dialed her husband's number and was picked up by a female voice. Of course it was her husband's affair, namely Arum. In the conversation that night, Arum, a woman from the village, said that she and Bara truly loved each other and they would always be together. Arum apologized to Bella if he had stolen her husband. Arum felt he could not leave Bara. Because in his eyes. Bara is a protective man for himself who only lives alone in Jakarta. Bella hung up her phone quickly. He was too sick at that time. Arum and Bara loved each other and this made Bella want to divorce Bara even more. He steeled his resolve unanimously. Everything has been well planned. He has also brought a nurse to care for his mother-in-law. The time came when Bella wanted to say divorce with Bara. That night Bella had a headache and a nosebleed came out. Then a few days after. He went to the doctor and found out that he had rhabdomyosarcoma cancer. The desire to divorce now must be buried deep inside.


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