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About me

I have been writing since five years ago, mainly in Indonesian, and English since the past year. I tend to favour the fantasy genre, but also enjoy exploring different genres to write about. I'm currently writing a mafia-themed romance, and I hope many readers will like it.


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  • Author: I am KOJI
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 166
  • 7.5

In the heart of Serrano Bay City tainted by the ink-black shadows of entrenched mafia rivalries, a tale of forbidden love unfolds, weaving a web of passion and danger that defies the very fabric of their feuding families. Ariana Ferraro, a woman of striking beauty and unwavering courage, finds her heart entwined with that of Dante Moretti, a man possessing not only rugged charm but an audacious spirit that matches her own. Amidst the unrelenting conflicts and perilous undercurrents of their families' longstanding feud, Ariana and Dante's love blossoms like a rare and delicate flower in the midst of a violent storm. Their encounters, fraught with stolen glances and secret rendezvous, serve as fleeting respites from the unending chaos surrounding them. However, as the enmity between the Ferraros and the Morettis reaches a boiling point, their hidden love takes an unforeseen turn. The once-tenuous threads of their clandestine romance are now at risk of being severed, replaced by the sinister orchestrations of power-hungry minds. As Ariana and Dante navigate the treacherous waters of their entangled destinies, they must decide whether their love is a beacon of hope, capable of bridging the seemingly insurmountable chasm that divides their families, or if it's a spark that will ignite an all-consuming inferno, consuming everything in its path. Will the flames of their love illuminate a path towards reconciliation and redemption for their feuding families, or will they be engulfed by the unrelenting fires of revenge and hatred? In a world gripped by unending vendettas and bound by blood-stained loyalties, can love truly rise above the chaos, proving that it's the strongest force of all?


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