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Knight Owl

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Hi, I am an aspiring writer. I hope you read and enjoy my works.


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  • 👁 176
  • 7.5

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Alpha Rofus asked in a cold and serious tone, staring at the young woman in front of him. A young woman who caused his heart to race instantly. “Stay away from me! Please, I am scared of you!” She was sobbing already. “Calm down. I won’t hurt you,” he said before disappearing into the woods. “She is our mate...” his inner wolf whispered in his mind, something he was not expecting to happen. She? A mate? But she’s a human! Seeking solace from her mother’s hasty decision to remarry shortly after her father’s death, Amelia flees into the forbidden Forester Woods, unaware that her impulsive escape will lead to an encounter with Rofusio Melbore, the newly appointed Alpha of the Blazepaw Guardians pack. As Rofus gazes upon Amelia, an unfamiliar sensation surges within him, awakening his inner wolf. Overcome by an undeniable connection, he instinctively reaches out to comfort her, wiping away her tears. Startled and fearful, Amelia pushes him away, unable to comprehend the strange pull between them. Realizing that Amelia is his destined mate, Rofus is hesitant to disclose his true nature as a wolf since she is a human. Despite the obstacles and their initial fear, love blossoms between them. But will they overcome their insecurities and accept each other for who they really are? Will this fragile feeling last when they find out the truth about Amelia’s biological father? Or will Rofus lose his rebellious mate forever?


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