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About me

I write. It's what I do. It's my passion. I started writing at 10, and was first published at 12, which was incredibly exciting. You'd think that would lead me to writing for a living, right? But it didn't. I got lost. I ended up working in customer service, in finance, in sales, and so much more. I completed degrees in History, Anthropology, Criminal Justice... I studied abroad in Japan (which was AMAZING!) and more, but still I wasn't happy with how I was making a living. When the pandemic hit, I took it as an opportunity to change the way I did things. I went back to my roots, and started writing. It began as Ghostwriting, and morphed into much more. Now I pay my bills by writing, and I'm so incredibly grateful for the opportunities sites like AlphaNovel allow me. No longer am I limited to kindle and nook. Let's write!



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