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If you are a fan of BL stories, then this book is for you. A love story between two opposite worlds. The son of a Mafia Lord and a lone ghost. After his death, Earth becomes a lonely ghost. Until he meets a kid who can see him. Years later, they became best friends but... What would happen when Earth falls in love with his friend?. Excerpt* "I know we are different... i am different but what do you expect me to do with my heart. It hurts me every single time when i see you with that girl...I was told a ghost shouldn't abhor any feelings but this ghost here abhors one for you...Can you do anything about it?" He stood up from the shade of a oak tree and his eyes wandered off to the pouring rain. He disappeared, then appeared again and that continuously repeated. Tears was seen in his eyes. FULL SYNOPSIS. Can you see me? is a story about an abandoned soul who thinks his existence was a mistake until the appearance of a distinct unexpected someone. After his death, Earth becomes a lonely ghost. After travelling the whole world listlessly, he returns to his grave in Thailand. Earth died over 25 years ago with no one ever looking after his grave. Until one day, a boy named Pete, together with his friends, visits the cemetery. He comes across Earth's untended grave and decides to offer some food. That happened every year and it brought light into the dull Earth's life. But one day, Pete suddenly came to the grave alone in tears. He sees Earth and hugs him. Their own unexpected love story began from that one hug. .


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