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Kelvin Cole

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This story revolves around Julia, a vibrant and ambitious girl born into a poor and struggling family in the small town of Aurland, Norway. Julia's dream is to uplift her family from poverty and provide them with a better life. Her father proposes an arranged marriage between Julia and Felix, a wealthy and successful man from their hometown who now resides in New York. Julia reluctantly agrees, driven by her love for her family. As Julia prepares to move to New York with Felix, she is torn between her obligations and her own desires. She is introduced to Felix, who is portrayed as handsome and wealthy but also prideful and disrespectful. Despite their differences, they embark on a journey together. Along the way, Julia encounters her ex-boyfriend, Alex, who now lives in New York. The reappearance of Alex adds a layer of complication to her already complex situation. Julia and Felix's relationship becomes strained as they struggle to understand each other and their own expectations. In New York, Julia and Felix face challenges and confrontations that test their commitment. Felix's arrogant behavior and use of women further deepen the rift between them. Julia's longing for a different life and her encounter with Alex further complicate matters. As the story unfolds, we witness the growth and transformation of Julia as she navigates the unfamiliar territory of New York and grapples with her conflicting emotions. She must find the strength to confront her own desires and make choices that align with her true self. As the story continues, Julia invites her sister to Join her in New York, her sister's arrival at New York causes more upset as she starts to develop an affair with Alex behinds to Julia back..


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