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Kathy Pearl

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About me

Just another writer with too many books to write and too little time on her hands. Nyctophile 🖤 Huge sucker for romance and happy endings


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Maria Gonzalez is a normal twenty-four year old with normal adult problems. She has a non-existent love life, a job that constantly keeps her running around and a huge pile of debt looming over her head. Maria is optimistic that her life will turn around for the better, she definitely didn't expect that change to be in the form of a tall, extremely gorgeous Alpha. When she is unduly kidnapped from her home and held captive by the Alpha, Maria knows she has only two choices; play along or risk spending an eternity with the ruthless Alpha.

The Professor
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Maya Greenley has always been a hopeless romantic, or at least that's what her best friends tell her. Between acing her classes and preparing for post-grad school, Maya doesn't have time for 'romance'. With her record of heart breaks, she doesn't believe that true love exists for her anymore, That is until she sees Alexander Grey, a mysterious but swoon-worthy man with dark eyes and a wickedly charming smile. Maya knows she shouldn't feel anything towards him, it was wrong, forbidden even and he was absolutely off-limits. And it was because the charming man is not only years older than Maya, He's also her Psychology professor.

Aurora's Secrets
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She stared at him with hooded eyes, heated breaths mingling in the air between them, "If you agree to this, there's no turning back." His fingers dug into the curve of her ass and she mewled helplessly, "So tell me, flower. Do you agree?" As she gazed into his dark orbs, a fiery passion ignited within her chest. She wanted this, wanted him. But most all, she wanted to forget. "Yes," She replied breathlessly, pressing her bare breasts into his hard chest, "Yes, I agree." *********** Aurora is the perfect little princess, or so everyone thinks. She is smart, beautiful, a ballet prodigy and is also from an affluent family. All her life, Aurora has always been told what to do, how to act and even down to what she should eat. Her overbearing mother constantly dictates how she should live her life. In the eyes of everyone, she is little miss perfect. But little did they know, she was hiding a secret. A big one. And it came in the form of a devilishly handsome boxer.


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