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  • Author: KakiKako
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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In a fantastical world brimming with technology, magic, and myriad dreams, Lin Luo becomes entwined in a mysterious scheme known as the "Endless Game." She is compelled to traverse various timelines and dimensions, experiencing fragments of others' lives in search of the long-lost "Dream Key." However, each dream conceals deadly traps, and the echoes of her past memories frequently resurface in these dreamscapes. In this mysterious game, Lin Luo, an ordinary soul, is guided by the hand of destiny to journey through time and dimensions, experiencing unique and unfamiliar life segments. Her mission is to seek the elusive "Dream Key," a key not only to miraculous wonders but also to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. However, each dream is a labyrinth of deceit, harboring deadly challenges. In each traversal, Lin Luo must cleverly navigate the shadows of imminent danger, maintaining acute intuition, or risk becoming forever lost in the illusion of dreams. Adding to the mystique, Lin Luo's past memories hauntingly manifest in these dreamscapes. Why does her past persistently appear in these intersections of alternate dimensions? Are these memories a puzzle within the dream or secrets concealed deep within her psyche? In the interweaving of miracles and crises, Lin Luo discovers that the "Endless Game" is not merely a challenge but a journey of self-awareness. Through the miracles of technology and the enchantment of dreams, she hones her abilities and delves into the latent potential within herself. The fantastical world unfolds with futuristic metropolises coexisting with magical kingdoms, creating a surreal tapestry where each dimension reveals a unique facet of the human experience. The inhabitants of these realms are as diverse as the landscapes, and each encounter leaves Lin Luo with new insights, challenges, and allies. The search for the "Dream Key" transcends a mere quest for a tangible object; it evolves into a journey of self-discovery. As Lin Luo grapples with the enigma of her own identity, she pieces together the puzzle of why she, among all others, is chosen for this cosmic adventure. The answers, however, remain elusive, concealed within the folds of dreams that continuously morph around her. In the dance between miracles and crises, Lin Luo's journey through the "Endless Game" promises not only an exploration of alternate realities but a profound unraveling of the mysteries that define the very essence of existence.


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