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  • Author: Jul_ie1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Having a crush on your single best friend was one thing, but what if he already had a mate? Stella Anderson had always loved her best friend for as long as she could remember. He was a playboy who had girls flocking around him every second but still, she was content with loving him from afar. There was hope. But then he suddenly found his mate on the day she planned to confess. Her world shattered to pieces. Watching them make out in front of her was like a stab wound in the heart and every single day she walked around in school hearing of the new hottest couple was like a new death. But what if...just what if..all hope was not lost? A new opportunity showed itself again when the mate of her best friend suddenly disappeared... *** Jason Kennedy was in shambles when his mate disappeared after three months of discovering they were mates. He had no one to turn to but his best friend who was always there to comfort him. During one of the many nights she stayed with him and consoled him, she got ahead of her desires and placed a kiss on his lips. What was a simple kiss progressed into an intense make out session, and things only got more heated from there. Stolen kisses, quick make out sessions in the restroom, midnight rendezvous on the rooftop–Just friends, they like to term it. Whilst Jason felt guilty, he couldn't let go the thing he had with Stella and Stella on the other hand was not complaining. It was an opportunity she felt she had to seize. But what happens when the runaway mate returns? Who will Jason pick? Love or his mate?


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