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Joyce Owens

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About me

I am an imaginative writer. I live more in my imagination than reality, and it helps me view reality with a more delicate lens


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When family problems and personality issues start to get to her, Ariana seeks an escape by all means. She does not seem to fit with her family and friends, but this all points to the fact that she really isn't of the realist's world. Little wonder it never sits well with her; she realizes later, that she is of the world located in the pile of books on her shelf. Still on her way to finding answers, she comes in contact with a not-so- favorite teacher in her school, who also ironically turns out to be the only person, who can open up her well of humanly feelings, and show her who she really is. However, he is not human, but a rejected alpha wolf from the Were-Castle. She in fact does not know that, he came to work in her community in his human form for the sole purpose of saving and mating her. Ironically, she finds herself feeling safe around him. She later witnesses his true being sometime later. This makes her realize who she really is; half-human, half-wolf. He becomes her saviour, and she stays as his loyal student. Having clashes with her true world becomes more complicated, than not belonging to her regular, human world, the one she was born into. One thing nearly puts her in trouble every time- her curiousity. At one time, she secretly checks into her human younger sister's future with her now activated power, despite her saviour's warnings not to. And so, it becomes her job to reverse or unknow the future of her younger sister, but no one can help! Not even the one who wants to be mated to her- her saviour! He doesn't have the power. But Ariana is determined to find a way on her own. She is certain there must be a way to save her sister's future, or undo it. While looking for a way out, it seems someone else is seeking her help as well. This spooky figure which continues to visit her, and whom no one else ever sees. It becomes a dilemma solving a revealed destiny she should not have unraveled in the first place..


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