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Jime Alexander

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About me

I am a specialist in human resources, working at the University of Carabobo in Valencia, Venezuela; writing has been my passion from a very young age and I want to make it the main activity of my life. So far I have won two literary competitions: with a novel (third place, novel: Una Cuestión de Sangre, "A Matter of Blood", spanish language in Freeditorial literary contest 2018) and a short story (third place, story: Abuelito Ramón, "Grandpa Ramón", spanish language in literary contest "Guido Acuña", Miranda, Venezuela 2018) and I want to continue advancing in this fascinating world of letters.


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  • 👁 104
  • 7.5

The alpha wolf pack Darius Ranlone has been at war for many years for control of New York City with Zander Udimov's vampire clan. Tired of fighting and looking for the best for his pack and his family, Darius offers a peace pact to Zander, who accepts on the condition that he give him his newborn son to raise as his own and thus fulfill an unusual long-awaited wish for a vampire: that of being a father, since he cannot be so naturally. After thinking about it and despite the reluctance of his wife Amira, Darius accepts and gives him his next newborn son, achieving the long-awaited peace. A peace that would last a few years, since one night, Darius's eldest son, a young twenty-five-year-old wolf named Daniel, is attacked by a female vampire while spending a quiet weekend with his girlfriend in a cabin in the woods; the vampire takes his girlfriend hostage, managing to give him a fatal bite while fighting to defend her, and surviving thanks to the research and experiments of his uncle Christopher, which generates an incredible and powerful hybrid transformation in him (between wolf and vampire), who, filled with rage and pain, unleashes a ruthless hunt to get his girlfriend back, despite the advice of his father Darius. With Daniel's girlfriend missing, the NYPD intervenes by assigning their two best detectives, a veteran lieutenant named Roy Rodiak and an incisive young sergeant named Norma Pine, who could be very close to uncovering the secret of the Ranlone family. Besides, and without realizing it, young Daniel and the beautiful detective will end up falling in love, which will generate mixed feelings in him, debating between the love he feels for his girlfriend, or the new love he begins to feel for the young detective.


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