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War of Hearts
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"Was there something I could have done, to make your heart long for me?" He asked, causing her to stop in her tracks. "To make you see me as your dream the way I see you as mine?” "Nothing is better than to both say our goodbyes, so let’s just let it go Russe. Goodbye.” she vanished into the eerie night with her bag. Russe continued staring at the spot she vanished from, and with tears welling up in his eyes he fell to his knees. “I love you Adel!” he whispered. Nothing would hurt a powerful werewolf more than being rejected by his mate and that’s what happen to Russe, the Alpha of the Teros Pack. After years of being in love and then rejected on the wedding day, he vowed never to get married to another woman, except that the moon goddess’s prophecy really gave him no way out. The moon goddess gave a prophecy decades ago stating “The Alpha who is rejected by his mate must not be without an offspring for the throne. When he begat a first son with the Xenakis, the hybrid one regardless of her mate must be sacrificed for he whose eyes is as cloudy as the sky. Tribulation awaits the Teros Pack until a new offspring is born.” His mate rejected him for a human she was pregnant for, and now he drunkenly impregnated the Xenakis's only female warrior. Finding out his unborn son would be born disabled wasn't the end of his nightmare, even his mate’s hybrid child had to be sacrificed for his own disabled child. Torn between his lingering feelings for his mate and his fatherly love for this disabled child, Russe has to make the decision or someone else will. But who is the enemy? The cause of this whole misery?

A Nerdy Love
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"Mom, please don't.... don't.... don't do this to me!" Kim sobbed as she crawled backwards on the floor. Watching her mother turn to that horrible monster she had always seen in her nightmares. "No, you bastard! I see his face in your face and for that, you deserved to be punished." Jane looked at her with her crazy eyes as if to murder her on spot. The current her is an intimidating figure, her eyes glowing red from the rage inside her like dark embers in the night. Her mouth is set in a twisted smirk of maliciousness as she stares lifelessly into Kim’s pleading eyes "No, you don't want to Mom. This is not the you I know.... stop this Mom, please!" Kim continued to plead to her mother. She felt so helpless, not for the fact that her mother's toxic side is trying to kill her like she used to whenever she's triggered. She looked at her mother smiling with cruelty that cannot be hidden. 'She's probably beyond saving' Kim thought to herself. Maybe if she died, her mother would be arrested and could finally get treated..... at least, she would be same and her good side will forget that she killed her own daughter, so that she doesn't feel guilty and shame. "I..... I.... lo..... love.....!" Kim said incoherently as Jane choked her on the neck. She felt so light-headed. Kim feels the cold, hard floor as her back slides against it, each bump and ridge sending small shocks through her body. Jane’s fingers press into Kim’s skin, digging into her softer flesh as she tightens her grip in fear. Jane’s grip is hard as iron, the force suffocating any chance of escape for Kim. Her rough fingers digging into Kim’s soft skin with a hint of fury, pushing her closer and closer towards death. 'This is it, the end of me. Find redemption, be free from this hell caused by Dad.' she thought. "Pishui!" sounded the bullets as it hit her mom's backside. "Ahh..." Jane cried as she dropped flat, right beside her daughter. Kim’s sobs echoed through the room like a dam breaking, a sob filled with pain, fear and despair. Jane’s voice was like a whip crack, a sharp staccato of threats and hate. The shuffling of Kim’s body across the floor as she crawled away was like thunder gathering in the sky, waiting to break free. "No.... no.... mom.... no..... don't die on me..... you... you have to live....." she whispered softly as her mind went blank. "Location clear, target is down." A special force agent said to his walkie-talkie. "Copy!" a voice boomed back. Kim would have been the perfect definition of a traumatised girl. She knows this, yet she places her mother’s healing above herself. Her Dad must have done unspeakable deeds towards her mother until she lost herself and had two personalities. The toxic side of her mother would abuse her physically and psychologically and now Kim had also changed. She changed to a bad girl style after the school's Summer break, just to cover up her pain and prevent anyone from getting closer. But that doesn’t include her drop-dead gorgeous childhood friend, who happens to be the cute nerdy boy next door, the hot locker mate, and an awkward deskmate. Why does he appear everywhere? Perhaps he could be her healing or trigger? He has his family issues too and with his mother’s remarriage, Max finds comfort with a childhood friend he always had a crush on. And after so many years, she seems to have become bold, beautiful, baddie and maybe.... hurt? Slowly but surely, they both begin to see each other in a new light....this was the beginning of their awkward romance... and hopefully, their nerdy love doesn’t end tragically like their parents.


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