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Beneath The Moonlight
  • Author: Jay483
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 297
  • 7.5

Megan, a werewolf with no wolf, decides to leave her home and family after her destined mate rejects her and the woman who took her place continuously bullied her. She elopes with Ryan, An Alpha wolf from another pack who had sought refuge within the Blue-Mist wolf pack for many years. Of the other two realms on Eplica, the human realm is the only place Megan could hide from her father and her pack, since leaving without permission is considered treason. After a few years, Megan gives birth to a set of twins. A boy and a girl. Suddenly, living among humans wasn't so easy again. Megan's two children turn out to be creatures more powerful than anything that had existed on Eplica continent in the past one millennium; 'Erbörübir'. Erbörübir; a hybrid caught between a human, a werewolf, and a vampire. They are creatures of myths on the Eplica continent, and they are said to only appear to prelude a great disaster. They are bad omens and, at the same time, the guardians of the continent. When Maya and Milo start showing their powers, their parents get scared and decide to hide them. They leave the populated areas of the human realm and go into the uninhabitable forests. Unknown to them, the wolf realm has started going through a crisis that will soon sweep through the other two realms in a few years. According to the terms of the truce signed 10,000 years ago, if any of the three realms ever try to take over the continent again, the other two realms would join forces to wipe out all its men and strong women, leaving the weaker women and children behind. The Vampire realm had broken this truce 5,000 years ago, and it is yet to recover from the Holocaust that followed. Now someone from the Werewolf realm is raising an army to first take over the wolf realm, then move to the other realms. This Vicious Alpha took his time to build his power by devouring other Alphas. Presently, in the Blue Moon realm, no Alpha is his opponent and the Alphas of Blue moon must put him down before the other two realms get wind of what is happening and come after them. When Megan is contacted by her father, asking for help, should she expose her teenagers for the same people who rejected and humiliated her, or should she go into hiding again?


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