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Jaq Drop

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  • 7.5
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  • Author: Jaq Drop
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 53
  • 7.5

***This story has a lot of steamy scenes that are not suitable for minors.*** A hundred years after the war where werewolves lost against humans, Kaiya finds herself imprisoned in an island park where they are hunted on a weekly basis for human’s entertainment. However, when the ownership of the island park changes, she finds her mate, who is a newly crowned King. ************************************* “You are the first freed werewolf, does not mean that you will be the last.” “Is that why you freed me? To set an example?” “No. I freed you because you will be my woman.” My breathing stops. The way he puts a claim on me makes me want to claim him too. “Ah! Don’t worry about answering me now. I will give you time to consider me.” I look at the table and entwine my fingers together. I take a deep breath and look back at him. “I want that too,” I whisper. “I want to become your woman too.” I answer the surprise on his face by flushing scarlet. Then, he looks away and I can see a blush creeping on his face too. “So, starting now, are we together?” he asks. “Before that, we need to do a promise.” “A promise?” I take his hand to mine and say, “You are my mate, whom I promise to love and cherish forever, until the gods and fate separate us.” He squeezes my hand and answers, “You are my mate, whom I promise to love and cherish forever, even if the gods and fate may try to separate us.”


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