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Lovelle Sato

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About me

I write what I cannot contain in my head anymore. Every scene, every title and every book as a whole is that same nagging feeling at the back of your mind. Giving the impression that you forgot something important, but it's just this Male Lead and Female Lead, wanting to be written. Interact with me! Tell this writer what you want to read next!


Alpha Destructivo: Fidanzato
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The only thing that Direwood's pack second Alpha Aniko Alivenci hates right now is the fact that he can't grow a pair of wings and fly to his hometown fast enough. The news about the Alta Pas security breach had reached his ears a beat too slow hence his dislike towards his cousin's pack enforcers. Aniko is a man who held control tighter than he would when playing with his girlfriend. He promised going home in the slightest alarm and this attack on the Alta Pas is not something to be taken lightly. The place is the sacred haven for all the information, laboratory testing and research done throughout the whole decade about the genetic mutations of all shifter specie. Those data provides everything for the Summit, an alliance made to secure equality for all kind of shifters. The matter made him mad and anxious. The stolen reports could only lead to one conclusion; chaos. Luckily, one of the perpetrators were caught. The reason why Aniko was hurrying back—he was tasked to surrender the spy in the Summit. Derwin Desiderio is dead the moment Aniko will land his feet back to his hometown. Derwin Desiderio has never been caught before. He had deliberately let himself be chased down and bruised—all because of the distinct scent he had sniffed during the riot. Even he himself could attest that the idea was pretty ridiculous. Stupid as it is, who wouldn't want to meet their ‘fated mate’? Omegas were cunning by nature. It was the result from being hunted down since birth. Letting himself be surrounded by untrusting Alphas scared the living daylight out of him. Derwin was hopeful. He had been searching for the affection he never had felt before and meeting this straight, homophobic mate, Aniko, Derwin was sure God hated him so much. If only he could turn back time... He should've just reported back to the headquarters. He should've ignored the enticing scent of ‘home’. Aniko wasn't the one he wished for. The man was too much. Just too much.


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