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  • Author: Inkweaver
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 209
  • 7.5

In an unexpected twist of fate, Tang Beisi finds herself entangled in a world eerily similar to a novel she once read, forced into a role she never wished for. Centered around the enigmatic and sophisticated Gu Hong, a man of refined elegance yet harboring a dark and scheming side, he stands as the ultimate villain in the narrative. Tasked with living as the original character, Tang Beisi grapples with a challenging predicament. Her knowledge of the novel's storyline indicates that the original character's attempts to capture Gu Hong's heart lead to a sorrowful demise. However, upon awakening, she discovers herself attempting to seduce Gu Hong, enveloped in a blanket, her actions in stark contrast to her aspiration for a simple and affluent existence. Compelled by an enigmatic system to adhere to the original plot, Tang Beisi is thrust into a series of challenging events that test her intelligence, determination, and emotions. She unwillingly performs her role, her eyes glistening with tears, as she begs Gu Hong not to expel her. Unknown to her, Gu Hong acquires the ability to perceive her innermost thoughts, introducing an unforeseen twist to their already intricate relationship. This newfound insight into Tang Beisi's genuine intentions and emotions begins to alter their interaction, reshaping his viewpoints and disrupting her plans. As months go by, Tang Beisi, fulfilling her assigned part, arrives at the climax of her predestined journey. In a poignant and tense moment under the soft moonlight, she anticipates the ultimate rejection from Gu Hong, secretly thrilled about the impending liberation it promises. Yet, events unfold unexpectedly when Gu Hong, rather than casting her aside, draws her nearer, articulating his desires and intentions in a voice that is simultaneously menacing and affectionate. Bewildered and taken aback, Tang Beisi confronts a new reality where her aspirations for a leisurely life are at odds with the burgeoning genuine emotions between her and Gu Hong. The narrative delves into the intricacies of love, identity, and fate, compelling Tang Beisi to choose between following the scripted tale or forging her own path.


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