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About me

I'm by name Isah Abdulssamad (ibnisah), a language graduate from Ahmadu Bello university, and the founder of Ibn Isah foundation. I have a strong passion for writing. I aspire to establish a reputable name for myself as a writer. I'm also an avid explorer and love to travel around, which helps broaden my horizons and inspire my writing. Additionally, I enjoy watching movies and reading books, which serve as a source of entertainment and inspiration for my writing.


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  • Author: Ibnisah
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 11
  • 5.0

"Fragile Ties Of Fate" is a contemporary tragedy story set in a modern city, centered around the themes of love and loss. The two main characters, Nur and Zulfa, navigate their respective journeys against the backdrop of their complex personalities and backgrounds. Nur, a confident, decise, competitive, socialble and software designer, comes from a middle-class family. He is a handsome and tall man with a mesomorphic build, beard, chocolate skin, a penchant for formal clothing, and a dedication to fitness, he is motivated by his quest for success and financial stability. His internal conflict arises as he must reconcile his personal interest with his professional growth. Zulfa, the director of her father's company, hails from an upper-class family. She is a beautiful woman with an average height, endomorphic build, long hair, fair complexion, and a penchant for casual clothing, she is determined, expressive, rude, social, cold hearted and adventurous. Zulfa's motivations stem from her ambition and desire for independence, as she strives to become self-reliant. However, she faces an internal conflict rooted in her past. The story also features supporting characters such as Amir, Nur's friend; Alhaji Mahmud, Zulfa's father; Fatimah and Sumeiyah, Zulfa's friends; and Sumeiyah, who happens to be Amir's crush. The conflicts within the narrative begin with Nur's desire for revenge. After being humiliated by his boss, who turns out to be the lady who slapped him on his first day of work, Nur plans to use her and then discard her as he bet with his friend. The second conflict revolves around a project launch assigned to Nur, which he sees as an opportunity to gain his boss's respect and attention, ultimately aiding his plan. Another conflict arises from Zulfa's cold-heartedness toward her father, rooted in a past mistake that deeply affected their lives. Despite her father's efforts to seek forgiveness, Zulfa remains stubborn and resentful until his eventual passing, which prompts her to reevaluate her choices and personal growth. It is during this period that Nur seizes the opportunity to grow closer to her. The fourth conflict emerges when Nur's involvement with a cult during his university years comes back to haunt him. Threats from former cult members disrupt his life, leading Zulfa to employ her power and her father's influence to help him overcome the ordeal. As Nur and Zulfa become more intertwined, the fifth conflict arises when Nur's initial intentions transform into genuine feelings of love. Nur's perception of Zulfa changes as he gets to know her better, while Zulfa finds solace and liberation in his presence. The sixth conflict revolves around Sumeiyah unrequited love for Amir, Sumeiyah visits Zulfa's office and captures Amir's heart. After numerous attempts, Amir musters the courage to confess his feelings, only to face rejection as Sumeiyah has already fallen for Nur. The final conflict, which drives the story to its conclusion, begins when Zulfa introduces Nur to her friends. Sumeiyah becomes infatuated with him and makes advances. Unintentionally, Amir reveals Nur's initial intentions to Sumeiyah, who, heartbroken, discloses the information to Zulfa and she was heartbroken. Ultimately, the story "Fragile Ties Of Fate" explores the complexities of love, personal growth, and the consequences of misunderstandings, culminating in a heart-wrenching climax.


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