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About me

Hello, everyone! I'm HumoristWriter, a wordsmith filled with humor and creativity. I specialize in using a light-hearted and humorous tone to transform everyday trivialities and daily anecdotes into belly-laugh-inducing written works. My writing style combines humor, satire, and exaggeration, dedicated to providing readers with a reading experience filled with laughter and joy. I believe that a smile is the seasoning of life, and words are the best medium to convey happiness. In the world of HumoristWriter's words, you might come across a quirky cat who likes to consider itself a "toasted bread" or a ludicrous deduction of a "missing sock incident" at home. I enjoy viewing life's little moments from a humorous perspective because I believe that through laughter, we can face life's challenges more easily. Whether you're looking for a textual seasoning to relax your mood or hoping to find some reasons to laugh amidst the hustle and bustle of life, welcome to the textual realm of HumoristWriter. Let's share beautiful moments together in the laughter! Thank you all for your support and appreciation!


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  • 👁 97
  • 7.5

My name is Tian Xingjian, an unremarkable inhabitant of Earth. I possess a diminutive and corpulent physique, coupled with a rather unappealing countenance. My temperament tends toward timidity and a reluctance to confront challenges, and my greatest penchant lies in the pursuit of sensual pleasures. One fateful day, I unexpectedly found myself on a celestial body known as "Milock Star." There, circumstances coerced me into enlisting in the Federal Military. Within the military ranks, my innate mechanical aptitude and intellectual acumen swiftly elevated me to the position of a mechanical repair artisan. My profound interest in machinery allowed me to adeptly discern and rectify various mechanical malfunctions. Subsequently, Milock Star became embroiled in a conflict, and I was dispatched to the frontlines to partake in the combat. Amidst the theater of war, I encountered numerous perils and weathered countless setbacks. However, I never capitulated, always striving to persevere and assist my comrades. During a particular engagement, I discerned a vulnerability in the enemy forces. Leveraging my intellect, I formulated a strategic plan, leading my comrades to a triumphant victory. Henceforth, I garnered the authentic appellation of a hero. I became known as the "Spurious Grand Hero," an epithet bestowed upon me due to my unheroic appearance. I am cognizant that I am but an ordinary individual, yet I am unperturbed. My aspiration is merely to be a contributive figure, aiding others and safeguarding peace. My narrative imparts the wisdom that heroes need not possess Herculean physiques or handsome visages. As long as one harbors love and a sense of justice, the mantle of heroism can be assumed.


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