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  • Author: Hildie
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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What happens when the Princess' revenge doesn't go as wanted and she realizes that love, help, mercy, and pity are just extras? Would she choose these over her sister's death revenge?... Princess Peniella was born into wealth and royalty as the last daughter of the powerful and influential king of the Ashantis, Okogyeaman Konadu Agyeman Bekoe Fentemfrem II who everyone respects and adores. The sixteen year old found it difficult to keep up with rules and always found herself being punished and bearing consequences, unlike her second elder sister who watched over her. Being a royal comes with limited freedom; yet she strived to live above that. What happens when her elder sister's prospective in laws allegedly shoot her sister to death? What happens when she decides to take the law into her own hands and revenge? What happens when she ends up pretending to love the youngest prince among her sister's prospective in laws? What happens when she gives her piece of mind to people who get on her nerves, as a result, going against the rules? What would happen to the relationship she had with the cruel billionaire's daughter when she is home schooled? If the Ewe prince thought he was a bad boy, Princess Peniella was worst. A tooth for a tooth. An eye for an eye. Keep fingers crossed that the two don't fall in love. There are rules to break and rules not to break in this world. This story is a beautiful piece, written with in-depth knowledge and vivid imagination. Published with love. Opened with curiosity. Let's get along!


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