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On a rainy night, a man was hidden in the gloom of the night waiting for his prey to appear, the subject had the mission of riddling a traitor to his cartel, by order of his uncle, who was his only relative, alive, his mother died when he was young, the woman was the victim of a r*p*, and his father was murdered, wanting to avenge his wife, the culprit of everything, was nothing more than the head of an Enemy cartel, after the death of his father, the Junino Cartel, ended up in the hands of his uncle, due to lack of experience, in addition to his young age, which was clear impediments, to take charge, at that time. But, 15 years had already passed, since those terrible events, and as proof of his worth, loyal to the cartel, which he would possibly end up inheriting. Tristán had to successfully carry out the mission entrusted by his uncle, which consisted of assassinating a traitor, within his ranks, who had sold valuable information, and as a result, many of his people ended up dead, weeks earlier in an altercation, between both gangs. Now the same man had some confidential documents in his possession, which he had to recover and return as soon as possible because when they fell into the hands of the enemy, it could cause greater losses than before. During the time that Tristán was hidden, behind the marble column, near the location, where the objective would be, he managed to see in the distance, several familiar faces, among them was a woman who had seen him in the past. Captivated, by his beauty, however, now he was one of the subordinates of the El Arde Cartel, several times he had to face those men, who had tried on multiple occasions to kill him. The treacherous rat, was an infiltrated spy, by that cartel, at the moment in which Tristán, visualizing his objective, began to devise the most efficient way to approach and kill him, but he had to make sure that the man Take confidential documents with him. As Tristán expected, the traitor had with him the folder with the confidential documents, which were being reviewed by the enemy's subordinates, he was showing them to them, 'd*mn rat' was what Tristán thought at that moment, the 2 subordinates of the cartel, the fire, the man had his eyes on him, he wanted to kill them and put an end to all this. However, he could not get ahead of himself, at that moment giving away his location would be suicide. Tristán, for the last 15 years, had been training himself in the different arts of combat, even in the art of handling his body when it came to deceiving, in dangerous situations. Handling weapons, too, had become a part of him, it was child's play to handle a knife or a gun, be it a bladed weapon or a firearm, Tristán was well trained in all of this with the aim, one day to avenge his parents. The man managed to find a blind spot, and at that moment, he pointed his weapon in the direction of the traitor and with a single shot struck him in the forehead. The other 2 were stunned long enough for Tristan to shoot one of them. But, the second subordinate, managed to hide at the exact moment, took out the gun from him, and began, unknowingly aiming at the location of the enemy.


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