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Isabella Sinclair, a thirty-two-year-old billionaire heiress, dislikes men and never intended to get married. However, her convictions were put to the test when she had a one-night stand affair with a strange guy, Liam Blackwood. ********" ‘Don’t you find me attractive? Am I too old for you?’ she drawled, her insecurities kicking in as she thought Liam doesn’t find her attractive enough. She grazed his chest with her long nails as her pleading doe eyes remained fixed on Liam’s unwavering eye contact. Isabella couldn’t believe the fact that she’s now simping for a man she once used and dumped, it’s funny how fast the table turned. Liam grabbed her wrist tightly and in a swift movement, he lifted her and dropped her on the bed. He pinned her hands on the bed with one hand, while the other hand slowly caressed her lower abdomen. A sudden gasp escaped Isabella’s lips as his gentle touch landed on her lower abdomen. He leaned into her and moved his lips near her ear. She flinched in fear. ‘Are you going to bite me like I did? Don’t be petty!’ she snapped sharply as Liam’s lips grazed her earlobe, his breath fanning against her skin. He chuckled slightly at Isabella’s outburst, and in an unexpected move, he flickered his tongue into her ear. She froze! She liked it and wanted him to do it again, but instead, he whispered, ‘Young lady, have you forgotten? No contact! Why do you keep throwing yourself at me, little girl!’ “What! ‘Little girl’? How dare he!” she yelled in her head, but in reality, she liked how possessive and dominant Liam is. He freed her, releasing his tight grip on her hands and jumped off the bed. He grabbed his car keys from the bedside table and walked towards the door. “Liam! The contract! Do you want me to change it? And by the way, this is your second night here, and you haven’t given me a foot massage yet,” Isabella called out as he placed his hands on the doorknob. Liam smiled softly at those words. He knew Isabella couldn’t resist his charm. He suppressed the smile and replied in a stern, nonchalant manner, “What are you talking about?” He asked, pretending to be strict and innocent, even though he knew exactly what Isabella meant. “We’ve already broken the contract. Do you want me to remove the no contact rule?” she asked in an innocent voice that made Liam’s heart race. He turned to face her, his nonchalant facade overshadowing the joy in his heart. "There’s no need to change the contract, Isa. It states no contact unless necessary, and nobody is gonna question us if we breach the contract because nobody is gonna know," he paused. "The massage, I will… Tonight!" he declared and walked out of the room, a beautiful smile tugging at the corner of his lips.”


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