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Harlow Penn

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  • 👁 318
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Ezra and Storm Gomez were born as twins, and being the second born, Storm is happy because the responsibilities assigned to the heir of their family depends on his twin brother Ezra as the firstborn. As the second born Storm is safe from the orders and he is happy to live his life in his way and being free is what he really wants. That's what he thought, not until his twin brother's death! As the first son, his twin brother will succeed his father in their family business. Azrel Gomez wants one of his twins ready to take over the reins if needed. Ezra is ready for the role. He was born for it, and Storm is the opposite. Ezra had the charisma, intelligence, and unwavering business sense to have taken their company to new heights. Storm is the spare son and he was very happy with it. He never wanted this company. He never aspired to be in the spotlight or crave what the CEO position brings. Now, he will never escape it. He knows it's coming after his twin's death. Before the ink dries on his twin's death certificate, his father had a plan. While Ezra had the drive to succeed in his father's career, Storm just wanted to live a quiet life away from the responsibilities that their father gave them. It was almost within his grasp until his twin's death! *** Storm had hoped for a happy marriage but dragged by his father to an arranged marriage. When he finds out that his wife is just as apathetic as her brother, he stays only to fulfill his duties as a husband in paper for the sake of their deal. When he sees his wife in a TV interview, he discovers a whole new side of Aira, a side he only wished existed. In the midst of family chaos and business rivalries, can these two people find true love? Storm is determined to be more than a billionaire heir husband, but can Aira allow herself to fall for a complete stranger?


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