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Mrs. Noah’s Boy
  • Author: Hapita
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 54
  • 7.5

Many people have different desires, be it dark and dirty, glamorous and interesting. The desire to be a stripper, an artist, a doctor. However, desires remain desires until the will to pull becomes stronger and our long heart wishes comes true. * The newly wedded Mrs. Noah has a mission. The strong desire to be with a man far from her reach. It is okay to say she married her husband because she needs a ladder to his cute celebrity nephew-Cyrus. Getting married to Mr. Noah, crystal the curvy and hot bride get a step closer to being with her all time crush- her husband’s twenty-one years old nephew. Now that she is a step in, would she successfully get him to lay in her bed? What about the many circumstances surrounding them? The fact that she is his uncle’s wife and he is a top celebrity that barely even notices her? Does ones desire ever get true?


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