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  • Author: guye
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 419
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In the midst of desperation, Joe, a not-so-bright but wealthy second-generation police officer, unexpectedly awakens the power to embody a demon god. This propels him into an adventurous journey through a fantastical and otherworldly realm, where he seeks answers to the mysteries of his existence. Joe, initially an ordinary cop, discovers a unique bloodline during a routine investigation. What's even more astonishing is his acquisition of the all-knowing and all-powerful favor of a god. This revelation sets the stage for Joe's incredible journey of growth. As Joe matures, the enigmas surrounding him gradually unravel. The seemingly foolish protagonist, destined to be nothing more than a wealthy heir, finds out that his parents and even the seemingly ordinary servants are all hidden powerhouses. In this magical and mysterious otherworld, Joe continues to evolve, constantly growing stronger and achieving extraordinary feats with the god's favor. However, Joe's growth is far from smooth. He becomes entangled in a war between gods, facing numerous challenges. In this war, Joe is not just a rich heir but a force capable of changing the world's destiny. Every adventure tests Joe's courage, and every mystery unraveled challenges his intelligence. He journeys forward through the clouds of war, becoming a legendary figure. This is a story filled with magic, adventure, and personal growth—a tale of an ordinary person transforming into a hero in a different world. Readers will immerse themselves in Joe's adventure, exploring the secrets of this mysterious realm alongside him, experiencing the hardships and joys of growth. The narrative unfolds into a captivating saga of a man's journey from obscurity to legendary status.


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