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Hi, I'm Gold and I love to tell stories.


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  • Author: Goldwrites
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.1K
  • ⭐ 7.5

“You claim to hate me because I'm an animal but look at how your c**t has soaked my fingers,” he brought his hand to my face and indignation washed through me when I saw how soaked his fingers were from my wetness. I tried to avert my eyes, to look away but my eyes were latched on his hand and he brought it to his mouth to lick his fingers clean and he released the last one with a pop with his eyes locked on mine. And I died... Literally. **************** Nadine Singh is a human in the normal and she works in a real estate company. When she proposes a development plan to convert a forest into a mega city, she doesn't know that she's stepping on the toes of the race of werewolves that inhabit the forest and are unseen to the humans until she's kidnapped by their Lycan King. Kai Cruz, the Lycan King and the Alpha of the surviving werewolf race that lives in Eden City, a city that looks like a deep forest to humans is forced to make a drastic decision to save his people. He's forced to kidnap the human that's hell-bent on converting their natural habitat into a mega city. He plans to convince her to stop the development and he's not prepared to discover that the human is actually his mate, a mate that he has been looking for for years because she's the only one that can put a stop to an impending doom for the whole werewolf race. Will Nadine accept her fate as being mated to a Lycan King and fall in love with him or will she fight her for her freedom all the way to the end?


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