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The Collision
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She told him she loved him in high school; he laughed in her face. And, ever since then, Lucia Brielle Renaud had vowed never to fall in love again. Ten years and a successful career later, Lucia's first love... or is it her mortal enemy, Dylan Thomas is back in her life with one sole task; to claim the one position Lucia has ever dreamed of taking on: Vice president of Retro Corp! Oh, another cool fact... he doesn't remember her. At all. Lucia is determined to do everything... even go the extra mile to ensure that she gets that position, and possibly her lost pound of flesh while she's at it, but how far will she go? Dylan Thomas returns to his father's company after so many years also vying for the position of vice president. Little does anyone know that he comes with his own ulterior motives and personal agendas. He meets Lucia, otherwise known to him as Brielle, and the level of attraction he has for her is maddening and almost instantaneous. With lust, feelings and physical attractions getting in the way, who will emerge victorious in this battle for power?


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