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  • Author: Ghlowreeeh
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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WARNING: This book is extremely steamy, if you’re patient enough to get to where it all starts. ~~~~~~~ Bianca." I muttered. "Manuel." She replied, avoiding any form of eye contact with me. "What do you want?" "What I want?" I chuckled humourlessly, playing with my beards. "If you came breaking into my house just to stroke your beards, then you might as well leave." She spat, making my anger rise all the more. So even after seeing me, she failed to let me know what was actually going on? Did she ever plan on letting me know all along? Was she planning to keep my child away from me? "Biancaaaa...." I drawled, trying to beat down my anger. But then, seeing how defiantly she stuck up her chin at me, I lost it. "Bianca, bold of you to think you could just disappear with my child in your belly!!" I watched as her eyes widened in shock, and her lips quivered in fear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ * * Bianca Bianchi has had a huge crush on the billionaire businessman; Manuel Russo, for the longest time! When she gets the opportunity to work as his favorite cousin’s personal assistant, she jumps on it because that means she gets to be in a closer range with the man she had admired for years. Unfortunately, she starts working for his cousin and realizes that things didn’t go the way she thought. She did get to see Manuel, but only once in a while, and he never really seemed to notice her. Things get more unfortunate when she finds out he already has a fiancée, and she decides to give up on her crush that seemed to have developed into real feelings. Manuel Russo is the perfect description of a businessman by day, and a ruthless mafia boss by night. When Manuel Russo decides to be spontaneous and abduct his fiancée for a dream island wedding surprise, on her birthday, his men get it all wrong. They kidnap the wrong lady. A woman whom he recognizes to be his cousin’s personal assistant. Luck is not on his side, when due to travel restrictions, they get stuck on the island together. A lot could happen within 3 weeks of being stuck, including being strangely addicted to Bianca’s body, and getting her pregnant.


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