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Floriza Romero

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Alondra Thomas. She is attractive and seductive. Despite her good looks hides a bitter mark of poverty. Who would have thought that her life revolved around just one place? Along with various men who defiled her character, men are the reason she got herself out of poverty as long as she can only give the right service to them, that her body is her only investment. She was an escort girl. She had been bedded by all the types of men she met. She had built confidence over the years to do all of the unnecessary things. But for her, only poverty can so push her to engage in some work that her soul must be buried six feet below the ground. Until she met him. A handsome billionaire CEO. Leandre Harrison. The man she thought would take her out of the hell she was in. Then unexpected things happened. Her father had been diagnosed with cancer. It needs to be operated on time and needs a large amount of money. To save her father's life she got the man drunk and robbed him. Later on, her father's operation was successful, and Leandre found out that she was the one who stole his money. And he is planning to put him in jail. What about her parents if she goes to jail? But she could not give up the freedom she had, so she compromised. And what Leandre wants is for her to be his woman until she can pay back the money she took from him. Will she agree to what he asks in exchange for her freedom? What if she already loves him but won't be hers because he is married to someone else?


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