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  • Author: Fireworks
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 52
  • 7.5

After receiving a divorce paper from her husband, six months after their marriage. Lisa tried to make their marriage work but was shattered by her husband’s affair with her cousin. Feeling betrayed and broken, she left to start all over. Six years later she becomes the most powerful woman in the underworld and a genius Doctor in the outside world. What will she do when she finds out the mafia who kidnapped her son for ransom to lure her to come and save the life of his dying fiancé is no other person but her Ex husband? Will she put aside her hatred towards the two and save her cousin’s life? or watch her die? Will she forgive her Ex husband for kidnapping his own son **** Trey Collins a ruthless, domineering and powerful CEO in the business world and a ruthlessly merciless man, who wouldn’t blink at the idea of murder, torture and making one disappear from the face of the earth without a trace in the underworld. Every lady in Pearl city dreams to become his wife, but also terrified of him by his powerful and deadly aura. Trey married Lisa just to spite his girlfriend, Valerie. After getting back together with his girlfriend, he asked for a divorce from his wife Lisa, but she refused to sign it. But when she signed the divorce papers, he was surprised but feigned nonchalance. He thought she didn’t want to let him go, he thought she would beg. But why does everything remind him of her after she left? He thought he wanted her out of his sight and life? No! He must reclaim what is his and his alone!!


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