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Deal With A Billionaire
  • Author: FCNS
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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When Veil Hart finds herself in an entangling twist with the play boy CEO 'Ander Rodriguez' she can only choose between saving her father's life, or letting him die. The story's preface explores themes of Lust, Possessiveness, a heartbreaking past and later... Love. Narrating an initial lust filled contract relationship destined to blossom. 1.Exposition: We learn about Vanessa and her family's pitiful situation. *Inciting Incident: Veil and Ander meet at a nightclub. 2.Rising Action: Ander Rodriguez pursues his sexual desires for his secretary *Ander and Vanessa meet for the second time in what turns out to be the most awkward job interview. *Veil wishes to escape the one job she's always prayed for, just so to avoid a man as Ander. *For his emotional peace, Ander frustrates Veil. 3.Climax: Ander proposes a relationship with Veil in exchange for a greater course. *To save her dieing father, Veil agrees to Ander's proposal. *Unwanted feelings creep in. *Ander tries to control his emotion. *Veil gets pregnant, and finds out Ander's horrible past. 4.Falling Action: Ander slowly embraces his emotions. 5.Resolution: Ander weds Veil. Title: CEO'S possession.


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