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Favy Star

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  • 5.0
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  • Author: Favy Star
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 85
  • 5.0

The story begins when Carissa’s wedding with Ethan is erupted by the sudden appearance of Stan who is her ex and first love. She decides to pass out, because she wasn’t ready to get married to someone she didn’t love. The story moves further with Stan trying to earn back her love and Carissa trying to make a decision of getting married to Ethan. She is usually persuaded to accept him by her mother who feels that Ethan is the right one for her, especially because he have helped her financially. Stan on the other hand is in a trap with Kiara and her billionaire father. He had met her when he needed money and so, decided to stick with her until he is financially stable. However, that didn’t seem to go well with him because Kiara’s father asked him to marry Kiara and it isn’t an easy choice to say no, especially with his life on the line. Carissa and Stan keeps staring at themselves from a distance, hoping for a breakthrough that would make them have another chance for each other. The story gets to its climax when Carissa becomes a victim of Ethan’s violent nature. He starts hitting her when she keeps prolonged their new wedding date after which he threatens her to keep mute or else her family would get hurt. She becomes a shadow of herself but only Stan could see that… Kiara keeps pestering Stan for their wedding and it becomes clearer to him the moment his wedding card and news of the event starts circulating. They both decide to get married to their different spouses but a mind blowing secret that erupts gives them a hope to be together… Towards the end, Carissa makes to flee from the heat of the situation, but the more she tried to walk away, the more it was impossible.


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