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Triple Temptations: Mated To The Hot Triad Kings
  • Author: Favy
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.9K
  • 5.7

Astrid Pierce-Cyrene's world shatters after losing her mother to the icy hands of death. Fleeing from her turbulent past, she seeks refuge with her werewolf father. As a human new to the supernatural world, she stumbles upon a revelation that shatters her reality: her mate was none other than Alpha King Blaze Neptune Hunter, a werewolf and tiger, whose charm defies description. But her destiny, relentless in its demands, doesn't stop there as she's claimed by two sexy demigods—the alluring Vampire King, Dexter Aquilo Gunner, and the sensual Dragon King, Phoenix Brontë Decker. "Mine! Freaking mine!" Their mere existence sets her world ablaze, and with each fleeting glimpse of their masculine forms, stokes an insatiable desire, a hunger that hankered to be quenched. She craves to be filled and stretched to her limits by their virile manhoods as they pound into her with unbridled passion, eliciting moans of uninhibited ecstasy from her lips. Why settle for one when she can revel in the exquisite rapture of being taken by them all? But as passion flares, a storm brews on the horizon. These men are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to safeguard their woman. In this electrifying tale, battles must be waged, and the veil of mysteries unshrouded. Dive into a world where passion and destiny collides with danger, and discover the secrets that await within the pages of this erotically thrilling epic novel!


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