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Favour Bademosi

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Meet you again
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Yin Mian is a beautiful but daring girl who is compassionate to meet her heartthrob, Lu Xianjian. They had a silly high school affair which ended up having a child after Lu Xianjian's departure to America to study. With no way to contact her sweet love, Yin Mian has to keep hope alive. She is waiting for him. Six years pass by quickly. There are so many unexpected events occurring especially the loss of their daughter. Finally, Lu Xianjian returned as the king of entertainment. He is not back alone. He comes with a woman who claims to be his fiancée. Yin Mian sees her hopes and dreams shattering in her face? Could her beautiful time with Lu Xianjian have been a lie or the sad past she needed desperately to forget and move on?


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