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Fave Lin

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A Contract Marriage With Mr Billionaire
  • Author: Fave Lin
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 162
  • 7.5

"we shouldn't be doing this,you ex is just next door"Evelyn gasped as Sebastian's hand went under her skirt. "Good,I want her to hear" He grinned as he pulled up her skirt and buried his head on her. Evelyn Grayson is a 21-years-old final year student. She left her home town to New Jersey to finish up her final year with her best friend Ava. Sebastian Carter is a 25- years - old bachelor,who is well known by every single lady even the married ones. He owns the most expensive 5 star hotel. But he suffers from Haphephobia which prevent him from coming skin to skin contact with anyone. But what happens when Evelyn turns out to be the only person that can come in skin contact with Sebastian? And what happens when Sebastian offers Evelyn a huge sum of money just to be his contract wife?


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