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Elizabeth Isaac

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Do you know you're pregnant?" She asked without turning to face me and I nodded by saying" yes" "Don't tell my mother about it please" I pleaded with wavering eyes. I don't want my mom to know about my pregnancy especially now that I'm in a complicated situation. "Do you know the child you're carrying has an alpha blood?" She asked again and my emerald eyes pops out of their sockets with a shattering sound of glass on the floor. "An alpha blood" I asked in disbelief. Does it mean the strange man that slept with me is an alpha? All my thoughts became messy and I got up from the bed and rush towards Irene. "Irene what should I do?" I asked shaking her shoulders as tears stream down my face. " I don't really know" she said turning to face me. "Please don't tell my mother about this" I said pleadingly holding her white hand. " Shouldn't you be worried about the child in your womb?" She asked and I drop her hand. "  Why should I be worried about the  child, I can just terminate it" I said and Irene cover my mouth with her palm. " Shhhh! Don't be too fast child, you can't terminate an alpha blood. You will only end up by putting your life in danger." She said still covering my mouth with her palm and the scent of green and dry leaves filled my nose. She knows so much about werewolves, why do I feel like she's not normal. "What do I do now?" I asked looking confused as I ran my hand through my dark hair. "Find the alpha" she said and I felt dizzy. Ariel a half breed of werewolf and human got entangle with Lucas Graco the alpha of the Alusca pack. She was set up in a hotel by Liz who's a white wolf in Escavor pack and someone who has wanted to destroy Ariel relationship with Ethan an Omega and the heir to the Escavor pack. Lix took Ariel nude pics with the strange man in the hotel bed and sent it to Ethan. Things started hitting up when Ariel finds out she was pregnant and not knowing who she was pregnant for between the two wolves because that same day she slept with Ethan in the morning and Lucas Graco the strange man in the evening. Who owns the pregnancy.... Find out by reading pregnant for the alpha


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