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  • Author: Eirene
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 45
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The story revolves around a human woman, Alora, who discovers that she has a werewolf mate, who speaks to her in her dreams. At first, Alora is frightened and confused by these dreams, but she soon realizes that her mate is trying to communicate with her. As the dreams continue, Alora becomes more and more intrigued by her werewolf mate and decides to try to meet him in person. She embarks on a journey to find him, and after a series of obstacles and challenges, she finally does. When they meet, Kylo accepts Alora but he is scared to bring her to his pack because his pack is against accepting a human mate. They tried to find means to bring her in and she could enter without one noticing she was a human. Alora's secret was later exposed that she was a human and the werewolves wanted Kylo to banish her from staying in the pack. But Kylo fought back for her. On a full moon, Alora suddenly wolfed out and she got to know she was a werewolf and not a human. Alora found out about her real identity and she realized that she was the former Luna's daughter of Kylo's rival pack. Alora is left alone to take sides but instead, she made sure that she found the truth about the reason why there is enmity between the two packs and settled the dispute. Alora found out that everyone thought Kylo's dad was responsible for the death of her biological mother but the person who eliminated her mother was no one but her mother herself. In the end, Alora and Kylo's love grew so much that they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Alora had to drop out of school and concentrate on her writing career as the Luna of Newdawn pack.


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