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About me

I'm priscillia and I'm New to writing. I've always loved to drown myself in the fictional world. Kindly read my books and I promise that you'll love them. Thank you for reading. Ciao


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  • Author: ESQ
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  • Age Rating: 18+
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Her senses betrayed her and she was kissing him hard. He s*ck*d air in sharply, and she pressed against him, moaning as he finally wrapped her hand around his midriff. Everything became a swirl. He grabbed her tightly, eliciting a moan as he carried her to the bed. She fumbled with his shirt, and took it off. His face was hungry with desire as he took off her sweatshirt, then went to work on her sweatpants and underwear. She was bare before him, but Ava did not care anymore. He'd kept her hungry enough. There was a smirk on his face when he slid his fingers into her, and Ava thought her head would burst when he began thrusting. She arched her back repeatedly as he bit her n*ppl*s one after the other, unapologetic as he clamped down hard with his teeth. And when she was sure she had reached the height of her ecstacy, he stopped. She opened her eyes, confused and demanding, and almost immediately, he pushed into her. He was fierce, he was needy, he was Unapologetic as he pumped into her harder and harder, the bed creaking and bumping into the wall with each thrust. Her hands dug into his back, and he bit her neck like he had done at the hotel. The world kept on whirling in her eyes. She called his name, she didn't know how many times, and he kept biting and f*ck*ng. When she came, she screamed his name, and bit into his shoulder to muffle the moans that followed. The thrill ran all the way to her toes and back, at the same time he shivered and went slack against her. She opened her eyes, and for a while, she couldn't place the stars that wandered in her vision, couldn't tell if they were from the ceiling or from her orgasm. She didn't know how long they both remained still, both breathing hard, her legs wrapped around his waist. Then he muttered, "Ava," in her ear and rolled off her. Her body still tingled when she leaned against him, running her hands over the strong muscles that were now hers. He ran a hand down her back, and sighed with pleasure. Ava is a basic New York worker whose life is turned upside down when she gets fired from her place of work. She gets herself drunk and falls into the arms of a s*xy young billionaire. She begins to find out a lot more about this man in a series of suspicious events, and on one dark night, she is knocked unconscious and taken to his house before she could spill his secrets. She starts living in his house, and her life takes a downward spiral. Sebastian is a young and budding billionaire who has more than a few secret sins up his sleeve. He has never had a thing for shy, pliant girls until he runs into Ava and spills coffee on her. Little did he know that he would begin to fall in love with her. Will their hot romance stand the test of time? Or are Sebastian's secrets too shocking to forgive? Find out in this thrilling fast-paced novel!


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