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Donna claire

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So, before that happened, I got up from squatting in front of him and went near my working table and... "Now you have time to listen to my proposal," I told him seriously. And then I took the paper I put on the working table a while ago. I raised it in front of him and even though he was right, kidnapping him is a very desperate move. I got a more desperate proposal for him in the line. "You just have to sign this marriage contract so we can be married. Then I can get my inheritance and my problem will be sold, then we'll release you." "What's in it for me? I can't get anything in return so why should I allow what you want to happen?" He teasingly told me. Urgh! He's getting on my nerves! D*mn you Travis Forger! "You are my hostage! Your freedom depends on me and you have no choice but to consent to what I want!" I said in my most demanding tone. However, I immediately regretted being demanding, I acted again like a kid throwing my tantrums at him and when I looked at him again, I saw in his eyes how he was disappointed in my actions. "I already have a Fiance, Kourtney and we're getting married. I can't marry you." He told me emphatically. I'm aware of that! I am updated on everything he does! But the reason why I am updated is that I need him! I swallowed hard, even though I did not eat anything. I feel weak in what I am doing right now but as I said before, I had no choice! "I love her and if I ever get married, it's the woman I love and it's Kim." I bit my lower lip.


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