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  • Author: Dolapo
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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MY HATRED FOR LOVE MAIN CHARACTERS DEVON - Devon the Alpha of Grey pack is 22 years old, he grew up with hatred with an unforgiving soul as he wished and hope to avenge his mother. He tortured himself so much just so he toughen himself to be able to conquer his enemies. Devon stopped smiling the day his mother was murdered. He lost all source of happiness. He didn't shed a single tear when his father died. EMMA - Emma is 20 years old, she is the princess of shadow pack, she's carefree and always obeyed her father's wishes and orders. Emma was given an order by her father to get married to Alpha Devon and like always, Emma obeyed. She placed her parents wishes and desires before hers. But everything changed when she lost everything she ever loved in an twinkle of an eye. Alpha Devon invaded into their pack and destroyed everything. He murdered the Alpha and Luna, the exact way they did his mother. Emma witnessed all of it. KENT - Kent is same age with Devon. He is the Beta of Grey pack. Kent is only not Devon's Beta but also his best friend since they grew up together. Kent fought next to Alpha Devon in battles and wars. OTHER CHARACTERS SAMANTHA - The mother of Alpha Devon. TYLER - The father of Alpha Devon. SCOTT - Alpha Devon's wolf. ROSE - Princess Emma 's wolf. FALCON - The Alpha of shadow pack. PLOT Devon grew up having nothing to worry about, he always refused training from his mentor but one unfortunate day, Luna Samantha lost her life in a fight with some masked werewolves who were after Alpha Tyler's life. After a tough fight with the assassin werewolves, Devon couldn't safe or fight along his mother because he doesn't know the basis of controlling his powers. Luna Samantha sent Devon to get some help but before he could make it back, she lost her life already and the werewolves were gone. Grey pack was left in grief as they lost the Luna. Devon swore on the day his mother died, to avenge her death. Due to the death of the Luna, Alpha Tyler developed a heart illness which took his life in a few years. Devon was made the next Alpha after the death of his father. Alpha Devon's first mission on becoming the next Alpha was going into investigation of his mother's death because for the past few years, he devoted all his time to his training which made him very powerful and even stronger, coupled with his hatred for the outer world but his revenge was cut short because of his alliance with the shadow pack to get married to princess Emma the only daughter of Alpha Falcon since they're fated mates. Unfortunately, Devon's investigation lead him to the shadow pack and he found out, Alpha Falcon was responsible for his mother's death. Devon invaded into shadow pack and killed Alpha Falcon and his Luna, taking Emma back with him to grey pack as his slave and the rest of shadow pack as well. Princess Emma on seeing the horrible death of her parents and some of her pack werewolves, she vowed to avenge them some day. Her life in grey pack was the worst because her body was used as a toy to satisfy Devon's desires. After all struggles of slavery and conflict, Emma finally got to accomplish her goal but she has developed sparkles of feelings for Devon which stopped her from ripping his heart out. PROLOGUE Devon the Alpha of Grey pack lost his mother at a young age which made him grow so much hatred for their neighboring packs because the death of his mother was an assassination of some masked werewolves from another pack. Due to the cruel death of Luna Samantha, Alpha Tyler developed a heart illness which made him loss his life in a few years. Leaving Devon to take over the pack. Alpha Devon didn't forget about what the assassins did to his mother so he went into investigation of her death which lead him to the shadow pack. An alliance have been made for Devon to get married to princess Emma from shadow pack. With the hatred filled in Alpha Devon's heart, he saw no benefits from the alliance but instead he murdered the Alpha and Luna of shadow pack, avenging his mother and he took in the princess as his s*x slave and made the rest of the shadow pack slaves in Grey pack. Princess Emma also grew hatred for Devon and she promised to avenge her parents and pack some day. But they happened to be fated mates. Will Alpha Devon and princess Emma accept to be mate? What do you think will be the fate of Emma in the hands of Devon?


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