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Cynthia Bells

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I write sexy stories.


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When Aaron Lobo, the alpha of Amethyst Wolves, one of the most powerful wolf shifter packs is challenged by his half-brother to a fight to the death, Aaron chooses to run away and go into hiding. He has lost face in front of the entire wolf shifter community. What neither his pack, nor his half-brother know is he didn’t choose to run because he was afraid, but because he knew his half-brother was no match for Aaron, and Aaron didn’t want to kill him, despite the betrayal. After making a living as a mechanic in a human town for over a year, Aaron is sick of the rogue life. He yearns for a pack, but the only way he can redeem himself is if he becomes the alpha of a pack even more powerful than Amethyst Wolves. Like the Silver Wolves. Only problem is, Silver Wolves have been hunted to extinction. Or at least, Aaron believed them to be extinct, until he met Keyah Wilson. Keyah Wilson has one aim and one aim only: to bring her father’s murderers to justice. In order to do that, she must take control of the Silver Wolves pack along with her fated mate. Her problem is, she doesn’t believe she has a fated mate since she’s half-wolf and half-human. If only someone pretended to be her mate for a short duration of time, she would have her revenge. Someone like Aaron Lobo. But as the pretense turns real and they develop feelings for each other, will the challenges they face drive them apart or make them stronger?

Dark Fairy Tales
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  • 7.5

This is a collection of modern-day billionaire romances. Each story is loosely based on a fairy tale. Story I: Incognito Princess When an assassination attempt on Princess Aurora Rose's life is unsuccessful, she is forced to flee her country in Eastern Europe, leaving behind her fiancé , and seek refuge with her aunts in New York. Her life incognito is as well as one can hope for, except that she must now work for a living, and works as a personal secretary to a domineering and ruthless New York billionaire entrepreneur. She is intimidated by him, and yet undeniably attracted to him. Will she submit to his desire? Jake Wilson is as jaded as they come. Having been shunted from foster home to foster home growing up, he has had to claw his way to the top by sheer grit and determination. But when he takes on a new, inexperienced personal secretary, he begins feeling things he believes himself incapable of feeling. Will the shackles around his heart break after all?

C is for Cheating: A Billionaire Rock Star Romance
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  • 8.1

When Madison Hart, a young pop star, finds out that her husband is cheating on her on the same day she loses her unborn baby, she wants revenge, and she knows the perfect way to get it: by having a very public affair with her husband's business rival, Nathan Kimberly. Self-made billionaire Nathan Kimberly has fancied Madison for the longest time. Pretending to have a fake affair with her might just kill him, if Madison's husband doesn't. Why then, does he find himself agreeing to participate in her mad charade? This sweet, spicy romance with a happy-for-ending is bound to set your pulse racing and leave you wanting more.

A Werewolf for the Witch
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  • 7.5

Princess Avalea, a Venusian Witch and the heir to the throne of the magical kingdom of Altair, finds herself on the run after witnessing the assassination of her father, the King. Helpless and hurt, she is forced to seek refuge with Aldrich, a Werewolf, a Cursed One. While Venusian Witches are the highest, the purest amongst all magical beings in Altair, the Werewolves, also known as the Cursed Ones are the lowliest, the crassest, the crudest. They're savages who have gained entry into Altair by deceitful means. Or at least, that's what Princess Avalea has been led to believe. With assassins after her own life and a traitor to weed out, the only person Princess Avalea can trust, ironically, is Aldrich the Werewolf. As he nurses her back to health, her prejudices begin to dissolve, and a bond develops between the savagely handsome werewolf and the pure, ethereally beautiful witch princess. But Aldrich has secrets. Deep, dark secrets that can shatter Avalea's heart and leave it broken beyond repair.


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