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Cynthia Bells

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About me

I write sexy stories.


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When Aaron Lobo, the alpha of Amethyst Wolves, one of the most powerful wolf shifter packs is challenged by his half-brother to a fight to the death, Aaron chooses to run away and go into hiding. He has lost face in front of the entire wolf shifter community. What neither his pack, nor his half-brother know is he didn’t choose to run because he was afraid, but because he knew his half-brother was no match for Aaron, and Aaron didn’t want to kill him, despite the betrayal. After making a living as a mechanic in a human town for over a year, Aaron is sick of the rogue life. He yearns for a pack, but the only way he can redeem himself is if he becomes the alpha of a pack even more powerful than Amethyst Wolves. Like the Silver Wolves. Only problem is, Silver Wolves have been hunted to extinction. Or at least, Aaron believed them to be extinct, until he met Keyah Wilson. Keyah Wilson has one aim and one aim only: to bring her father’s murderers to justice. In order to do that, she must take control of the Silver Wolves pack along with her fated mate. Her problem is, she doesn’t believe she has a fated mate since she’s half-wolf and half-human. If only someone pretended to be her mate for a short duration of time, she would have her revenge. Someone like Aaron Lobo. But as the pretense turns real and they develop feelings for each other, will the challenges they face drive them apart or make them stronger?

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Ted Collins, an award-winning chef and restaurateur thinks his life could not be more perfect. He’s in the prime of his youth, he’s rolling in billions, and beautiful women throw themselves at him all the time. Best of all, he can enjoy the worldly pleasures for a lot longer than humans, because he’s a werewolf with a centuries-long life span. His true identity, like that of the other shapeshifters and supernaturals residing in the human world, is kept hidden from humans owing to a secret pact between world governments and leaders of supernaturals. Ted is an alpha through and through. If he sets his eyes on something, he gets it—especially women. Being rejected by a woman is pretty much alien to him—until he tries to seduce his new personal secretary, Stevie Barclay. Stevie Barclay considers herself a magnet for bad relationships. After her long-term-boyfriend-turned-fiance breaks off their engagement, Stevie swears she is done with men. She only wants to focus on her dream of learning how to bake, and opening a bakeshop. In order to finance her dream, she takes up a temporary job as a personal assistant to a New York billionaire. Despite her resolve, when her hot, s*xy boss focuses his entire attention on seducing her, her resistance crumbles, and she ends up having an affair with him. At the end of her contract, she finds out she’s pregnant, but knowing Ted’s views on marriage and children, she doesn’t tell him about her pregnancy. Instead, she chooses to go back home to her parents. For five years, she raises her son on her own, completely oblivious to the fact that she’s raising a werewolf’s child. But when her son, Dorian, begins to behave strangely every full moon, Stevie knows it’s time to get answers from Ted. When she goes back to New York, a shock awaits her. Ted, the man who swore he didn’t want marriage or children, is engaged to a beautiful supermodel.


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