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I was born New Yorki, but I left because I couldn't bear the pain of losing my mother and older sister. Dad and I moved to Colorado, which welcomed me and rebuilt me as a home. I changed schools, I made new friends, I liked my new home. There, nothing was a memory of a time that would never return. It was where I created new memories to make my life bearable. Everything seemed fine, so far. Suddenly, dad announces his marriage to Miss Agatha Flagler. All I have to do is pack my bags, leave school, say goodbye to my friends, and go back to New York, a place I hate. The only good part of the story is getting such a good stepmother, but even she has her catch. His son, who will become my "brother" in a few days, Gregory "Arrogant" Flagler. He is an obnoxious specimen of the human race. Pushy, overbearing, troublesome and spacious. I can't stand him, and I don't even want to breathe the same air as him, let alone share the house, the father, the life. That's why when I get to New York, I don't go straight to my house. I ask the driver to take me to where my story here ended, the cemetery. Now I stand in front of the tomb that looks more like an abyss where nightmares want to throw me. "People die, but true love is eternal." I drag my fingers over the words carved on my mother's tombstone, remembering when I chose them with my Appa eight years ago. I read them for the umpteenth time, kneeling on the grass covered with dry leaves. Melancholy hits me like a gunshot, a pain that never ceases and bleeds. Something tells me my torment is just beginning...


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