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Cosmas Rotich

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At only Sixteen she is subjected to Abuse. It came from the least she expected quarters: The head teacher of her school. He is secretly lusting over her. He lures her to his office in the pretext of offering extra individualized lesson in his office to pupils interested in improving their grades. Shocked at his apparent intent and clear advances she desperately struggles to free herself from his grasp and ends up inflicting injuries to his eyes. She norrowly escape from the office. As a consequence, her life in school takes an abrupt turn becoming extremely unbearable as the head teacher makes her life a living hell. Her grandmother with whom she lives with would hear none of her excuses to forego school. She rans away to the far away city where her parents supposedly worked. In the end she doesn't find them and ends up lost. Inevitably she accepts the kindness of a woman who pities her and lives with her in the slums. In a series of events that follows, she is tricked and drugged and violated by a man, a brother to her best friend in the slums and she gets pregnant. Embarassed and finding difficulty in expressing circumstances surrounding her pregnancy to the only woman who showed her kindness, she again rans away from the slums ending up in the streets of the City and striving to survive. She is forced into prostitution and she gradually breaks bad and is set on the path of getting even with men intend to ruin their lives as they had done hers.


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