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My Savior Is A Devil
  • Author: ClaynelJ
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 136
  • 7.5

“Pleasure me, and I will help you.” Will a woman seeking freedom find it in another’s embrace, or will her fate be worse? *** Alexa Morgan curled herself into a ball in the corner of her room. They tied her foot to her bed with a long chain. Bruises cover her whole body, and every time she moves, she feels the pain. She couldn’t stop crying as she remembered what had happened earlier. Her Dad got mad when he found out she defied his instructions to stay in her room. All she did was pick flowers from the garden, but he still found fault. He slapped her so hard that her lips split. Months later, after thinking her father had finally felt love for her, he turns around again and sells her to the person he owes the most, Max Willies. Will she suffer in his hands or will someone else come and save her?


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